Code of Conduct

Thank you for making the time to participate in this summit. This event seeks to provide a supportive, educational and harassment-free conference experience for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, language spoken, race, or religion. Harassment of conference participants in any form is not acceptable. Disrespectful or discriminatory language and imagery are not appropriate at any time, including during talks and discussion circles. Conference participants found to be disrespectful of others will be asked to leave.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of conference planning immediately.

The conference planners willhelp participants contact campus security or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the summit.

Individuals who can be approached regarding the code of conduct will be identified on their name tag with a large green circle..

Contact information for questions, concerns:

This Code of Conduct is based off of one created by the  Ada Initiative.